Honda Switch Plate of injection molded parts

Short Description:

This is a switch panel accessory for Honda cars. Strong hardness, high melting point, can withstand long-term running-in and pressing. Moldie Corporation directly or indirectly serves many brands of automobiles. Besides, we also have direct or indirect cooperation with Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Maserati and other brands. This black nylon plus fiberglass switch panel is also a bestseller.

This product has fine skin lines on the surface, looks more fashionable, suitable for modern trendy cars, or young people who pursue fashion. Usually the skin texture is in accordance with the international VDI standard. If you have other leather pattern requirements, you can also send them directly to us for production.

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Part material PA6+GF13
Part weight 80g
Surface finish Texture MT11010
Color Black

Mold Flow Analysis

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Mold Design

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Mold Manufacturing

Part name Honda Switch Plate 
Mold material H13
Mold lift time(shots) 100W
Cavity 1
Hot or Cold Runner Cold
Mold size 300X400X400 mm
Mold weight 5500KG
Injection Machine Parameter  HT 200
Cycle time 40s
Mold standard HASCO 

Trial Production

Realizing your Ideas

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Basic Information

Brand Moldie
Mold Base LKM, HASCO, DME or your requirement
Mold Material 45#, P20, H13, 718, 1.2344, 1.2738 and so on
Standard HASCO, DME, MISUMI, PUNCH and so on
Product Material PC/ABS, ABS, PC, PVC, PA66, POM or other you want
Runner Cold/Hot Runner
Gate Type Side gate, Sub gate, Pin point gate, Edge gate etc
Mould Weight 50kg-15Ton
Injection Machine Type 80-1500Ton
Standard for Product Appearance for graining MT(Mold Tech), YS, HN Series
The Way of Color Contrast for Plastic RAL PANTONE
Certificated ISO 9001:2015 Certificated, SGS Certificated

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