Household appliance for the scoop of injection molded HDPE part

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plastic scoop
It has the characteristics of no fumigation, high strength, recyclability, etc., plus some additives to improve performance, processed by injection molding, blow molding and other processes.
With the continuous improvement of the requirements for production conditions, storage conditions, process control and quality management, due to the insurmountable limitations of wooden shovels in hygienic conditions and standardized production, plastic shovels began to appear and quickly occupied a place. It has been widely used in clothing and other industries. Compared with the wooden shovel, the plastic shovel has good integrity, is hygienic and clean, and is easy to rinse and disinfect. It has the characteristics of light weight, no spikes, acid and alkali resistance, and no mildew in use. Its service life is 5 times that of wooden pallets. – 7 times. In addition, the plastic shovel board meets environmental protection requirements, and the waste tray material can be recycled. Although the price of plastic shovels is relatively high, the cost of use is lower than that of wooden shovels
The specific models are: single-sided mesh plastic shovel, single-sided flat plastic shovel, double-sided mesh plastic shovel, and double-sided flat plastic shovel. It is suitable for warehousing, logistics and other industries, and can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry. The disposable export plastic shovel plate has a high cost performance. The export-specific plastic shovel plate is especially suitable for occasions where the export volume is light and cannot be recycled. It is a light-weight plastic shovel plate with a single-sided grid surface and a nine-foot bottom. It can be nested with each other when not in use, saving space, and has a low price and high cost performance.

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Plastic injection
Part material ABS
Part weight 50g
Surface finish Texture
Color Black

Mold Design

plastic mold
injection mold

Mold Manufacturing

Part name Plastic scoop 
Mold material H13
Mold lift time(shots) 1000000
Cavity 1+1
Hot or Cold Runner Cold
Mold size 400*300*450 mm
Mold weight 400 KG
Injection Machine Parameter HaiTian - 300T
Cycle time 40s
Mold standard Normal
injection mould
plastic mould

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